An ongoing list of keyboards that don't take static shock well

Posted by thocksmith - December 24, 2022

Contributing writer: thocksmith

A lot of keyboard PCBs are designed like garbo and will exhibit undesirable behavior when shocked. This is a list of keyboards that don't behave well to such a shock, and what effects you might expect.

  • Xeno - disconnects from even the weakest of shocks, so far no lasting damage
  • Jer80 - restarts from mild shocks
  • LZ Physix - restarts from mild shocks
  • Lulu - becomes unresponsive from mild shocks
  • Unigo66 - restarts from mild shocks, might've done permanant damage
  • D65 - restart from mild shocks
  • Bella - restart or disconnect from mild shocks
  • Orange80 - disconnects from even the weak shocks
  • Red Scarf III - PCB completely dead after a strong shock
  • Various early Minivan keyboards - disconnects from weak shocks
  • Space65 - LEDs and key positions will blow out from mild shocks
  • Canoe - disconnect from mild shocks, PCB notorious for being bad
  • TX76 - disconnect from mild shocks